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Alarm Monitoring Services

An extra layer of protection for your home and business.

BDG Security offers customers the choice between annual 24/7 police alarm monitoring services, alarm only services and self -monitoring services.

Keep your home and business safe and secure.

Alarm monitoring offers you an extra layer of protection for your home and business.

Having your alarm system installed and serviced by BDG Security allows you to choose the option to have 24/7 alarm monitoring services.

What do you get with alarm monitoring services?

  • Around the clock monitoring 24/7 for your intruder alarms, access control, CCTV and fire alarm systems

  • SSAIB Certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

  • Reliable service providing peace of mind 24 hours a day

  • Helpdesk support

  • Police response on confirmed alarm

  • Fire authority response to a fire alarm

  • Key holder response (key holders alert via a call, text message and/ or email)

  • Service inspections twice a year

  • Remote resets

  • Events log

  • Availability of Engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Regular reviews of security needs

What are the benefits of a monitored alarm?

  • ​A monitored alarm with a valid unique reference number can receive police response to a confirmed alarm activation. This provides peace of mind particularly when the home owner is away, or the business premises is closed.

  • Personal attack alarm will be immediately policed, knowing that help is on it's way

  • Fire alarm signal will generate an emergency response by the fire brigade, assuring that lives can be saved

  • Keyholders are regularly alerted of any faults or activations resulting from the alarm at the protected premises.

  • Faults may be resolved via remote diagnosis without the need for an engineer to attend, so saving time and money

  • A monitored alarm system is recommended by home and business insurers

​Enhanced security for your home or business.

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For Your Home

Why do I need Police Alarm Monitoring for my home?
Peace of Mind

The 24/7 police alarm monitoring protects your home wherever you are. It provides peace of mind when you're away from home knowing your property is being monitored and protected. The remote connectivity allows you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world, and the alarm response service is there to carry out the tasks for you at anytime effectively and efficiently.

False Alarms Prevention

A previous Which? survey revealed that 30% of false burglar alarms were triggered by insects inside the home, 22% of alarms were turned on by mistake and 7% were triggered by indoor pets. Bad weather conditions might also affect the detection. By having the monitoring service, only real and essential emergencies would be reported to the police. The security experts would offer the most appropriate and immediate response to your alarms.

System Monitoring

Ensuring that your security alarm system is working properly is crucial for your home protection. The monitoring service provides routine checking and testing on your system, making sure that everything’s in order without malfunctions.

Protect your home with BDG Security - contact us today and book a quote.


For Your Business

Why do I need Police Alarm Monitoring for my business?
Overall Protection

No matter how many sites or security systems you have, the monitoring service would be able to assist you keeping an eye on different locations on any occasion. You’ll always be the first to be informed when any abnormal situations happen in your business areas.

Advanced Security

The police alarm monitoring service reduces risk to your premises and colleagues by having a fast and accurate response to confirmed alarms. The advanced security system protects your business assets and supports you to optimise operations.

Reduce Business Downtime

Nuisance false alarms can be costly to your business. Some individuals may opt against even arming alarms and in the worst case scenario they can incur a fine from your local authority, panic employees and result in unnecessary reports to the police. This affects your business environment and efficiency. It’s therefore important to have your alarms monitored, to secure safety, profits, and to avoid chaos and disturbance.

Insurance Requirements

Not all alarms are recognised by insurance companies. For insurance purposes, alarm systems typically need to be monitored, with the aim of confirming the events are genuine and to ensure a police response is generated in the event of an incident.
False alarms may lead to unintentional police responses and have a negative effect on your insurance policy.

Protect your business with BDG Security - contact us today and book a quote.

Enhanced security for your property no matter the time of day.

Get in touch with BDG Security today - we're the ideal choice for your alarm monitoring needs.
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