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Design and New Installation Services

Nothing protects your family and assets like a tailored multi-solution security alarm system installation by BDG Security.

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Installing a security alarm system is a wise investment that can help to keep your home and business safe and secure.

BDG Security is the perfect choice for anyone looking for reliable and experienced security alarm system installers.


With decades of experience and a commitment to only the highest levels of security, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with BDG Security. BDG Security is a trusted security alarm system installer, providing quality services across London and the South East. 


We offer both residential and commercial security alarm system solutions, so no matter what your security needs are, we have you covered.


Our design and installation services are tailored to meet the specific security needs of our customers and we will work with you to design and install a bespoke and robust security alarm system that fits your budget, lifestyle, and business security needs.


Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work with you to identify the best security alarm system for your home or business and ensure that it is installed quickly and correctly and customised to fit the specific layout of your property.


By working with BDG Security you can rest assured that your security alarm system will be secure, reliable and tailored to your exact specifications.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer service and are proud to be SSAIB certified, so you can rest assured that your security needs will be met with the highest standards of safety and professionalism.


When it comes to installing a security alarm system for your home or business, it's important to work with a company you can trust.


With BDG Security, you can be sure that you are in safe hands when protecting your home and business.


For Your Home

BDG Security is the best choice for installing a security alarm system in your home.

We understand the importance of security and we take pride in ensuring that our customers have the best security alarm system in place to protect their homes and families.

Installing a security alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself, your family, your belongings, and your home from burglars, intruders, and potential threats.

Investing in a good security alarm system is well worth the cost and will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is protected and secure.


With a security alarm system, you can be notified immediately if someone is trying to break into your home, allowing you to take action before they do any damage. 

Many security alarm systems come with features like motion sensors, cameras and home automation, which give you even more control over your home's security and allow you to keep an eye on things even when you are not there. 

We can provide you with a customised security alarm system that is tailored to your specific requirements. 

With a security alarm system installed by BDG Security, you can sleep easier at night knowing your home is safe and secure.

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For Your Business

Installing a security alarm system for your business is a smart investment in the safety of your business.

As a business owner, it's important to protect your property, asset, employees, customers and visitors. A security alarm system can protect your property and employees from theft, vandalism and other criminal activity. It can alert you of any intrusion or suspicious activity, allowing you to take appropriate action. It can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals, and in some cases, can even be used as evidence in court. Not only does it make it easier to catch criminals in the act, but it can also detect any attempts at unauthorised entry. 

​Our team is experienced in designing and installing security alarm systems for a wide range of businesses, from offices, care homes, schools, and places of worship, to small retail and leisure. 

Investing in a security alarm system for your business is an investment that can pay dividends in terms of both safety and cost savings. 

With BDG Security you know your business is protected.

Provide peace of mind and ensure that your employees and customers are safe and secure. 

Why should I consider installing a security alarm system for my home or business?

The benefits of having a security alarm system far outweigh the cost of installation

1.Not only does a security alarm system protect your property, it can also be a deterrent for burglars and other potential criminals.

2. It can provide you with an early warning or alert of an intrusion, any suspicious activity, and potential dangers, giving you more time to take appropriate action

3. It provides real-time monitoring of your home and business. This means that if any suspicious activity is detected, you will be immediately notified so you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and our property.

4. With a security alarm system you can detect intruders and alert the police if someone does try to break into your property.

5. It can be monitored by a professional monitoring centre, giving you extra peace of mind.

What does a security alarm installation involve?

We work with you to create a custom security alarm solution that meets your needs. We design and install security alarm systems to provide maximum security for your home or business.

  1. Contact us -Book a time for us to come and visit you to arrange a free survey and quote.

  2. We visit you - We visit you at a time convenient to you. We survey your property and recommend the right level of security protection that best meets your needs.

  3. Your security system - We install a bespoke security package tailored to your needs.

We also offer ongoing support, servicing and maintenance services so you can rest assured that your security alarm system is always fully functional.

We are committed to providing you with the best security alarm system solutions to suit your needs.

Put your trust in BDG Security and be confident that your property is safe and protected.
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